Top 5 Free Facebook Video Downloaders

In this article we will introduce top 5 free facebook video downloader. Step by step to download facebook

Facebook is the largest social network around the world. People post their updates and photos, videos with facebook. There are lots of interesting videos on Facebook and many people want to download these videos. But how to download Facebook free? Facebook downloaders are the best ways to download Facebook free. This tutorial is all about Facebook video downloader free so that the users can get the videos and share them or watch them offline .

Part 1: The Best Facebook Video Downloader
Part 2: The Next Top 4 free Facebook Downloaders

Part 1: The Best Facebook Video Downloader

iVideoMate Video Downloader is a program known for its high quality. The latest addition of the iVideoMate Video Downloader has also been embedded with the technologies that none of the rivals of the company currently have. With the help of this desktop video downloader, users can download videos from Facebook to your computer without any quality loss, and it fully supports to download videos from other 10,000+ video sharing sites. This Facebook video downloader program is available for Windows computers, and it's very easy to use.

iVideoMate Video Downloader - Facebook Video Downloader

With a simple and good-looking interface, you can use iVideoMate Video Downloader to easily download Facebook videos to your computer for free. iVideoMate Video Downloader is by far the most complete and easy video downloader for Windows.

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  • Support more than 10,000 sites including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • Download multiple videos at one time with Batch Download mode.
  • Downloadn HD videos without quality loss.
  • Download video to MP3 with one click.

How to Download Facebook video

The process of downloading Facebook video with iVideoMate Video Downloader shows as below.

Step 1. Download and install iVideoMate Video Downloader. Installation is very simple and in a few seconds, it will be done.

download Facebook Videos

Step 2. Run the program and then you'll see a main interface as the image shown.

Facebook Videos download

Step 3. Go to the facebook video page, select the URL and right click on it to copy the URL. It must be like this For Example:

Step 4. Go back to iVideoMate Video downloader and Click the "Paste URL" button

download videos from facebook

Step 5. Then start downloading from facebook. After the download is complete, you can find the video you downloaded on the "Complete" tab.

download from facebook

Part 2: The Next Top 3 Free Youtube Downloaders

There are other programs that could be regarded as the alternatives to iVideoMate Video Downloader. These programs can help you to download Facebook videos one by one.

1. X Video service thief

With the best terminologies as well as the overall interface and user friendly, the X Video service thief leads the list of the alternatives. The program is the only one that could download facebook videos for the users as the downloading speeds are fast and the multithreaded technology is embedded within.

  • The program has the best downloading speed that allows the user to save time.
  • It is the best program that also acts as the last resort for the users who are looking for.
  • The converter at times stucks and slow responding is the biggest issues.
  • The program does not support the proxy settings and refuses to work if activated.

Top 5 free Facebook Video Downloader-X Video service thief

2. Flash Get

The user should not get confused by the name as the program is not for the flash videos only. It is a complete solution to download the Facebook videos and the process is completed as per the desire of the user making it a downloader that is awesome and all what the user requires.

  • The overall program has been developed with extreme care and therefore the user gets the exact outcome.
  • The technology that is embedded within is always upgraded by the developers.
  • The issue which the users face is that the file transfer protocols are not supported by the program making the content transfer difficult.
  • The program has an interface that is outdated and therefore it is advised to the developers to upgrade the system so that it matches the needs.

Top 5 free Facebook Video Downloader-Flash Get

3. Rapid share auto downloader

The program that could get the task done in a manner that is faster than the others mentioned on the list. The built in features of the program aid the process and make it the finest piece of technology that could be used to get the work done.

  • The program is lightweight and is easy to use and therefore it can work on any kind of system that is in question.
  • The program can also configure the multiple downloading threads thereby making it the best one to be downloaded and tried.
  • The content transfer through this application is not possible and therefore it is a complete crap when it comes to this terminology
  • At times the software bugs forces the users to manually manage the download links and therefore it is not at all recommended.

Top 5 free Facebook Video Downloader-Rapid share auto downloader

4. Real Downloader

Backed by the support of real networks, this downloader is reliable and effective when it comes to downloading Facebook videos. The functionality of the program is such that is allows users to perform one-click batch downloads, which is an awesome feature.

  • The user requires no other software once this has been downloaded, which is all due to the features supported by it.

  • The software comes with a real-time audit trail that is important for the enterprise users to identify the downloaded files.

  • The program is slow compared to the other programs available online.

  • The user needs to update Java in order to use it, so the program cannot be used without it.

facebook video downloader - facebook downloader

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